About us


In 1976, Vivienne and Henk de Boer moved to Summerland to own and operate their dream business. Initially the business started out growing bedding plants, lilies, poinsettas and tropicals. Summerland Greenhouse quickly expanded into the 60, 000 square ft. greenhouses that it is today. Over the years, Summerland Greenhouses changed with the times, and now offers an ever-changing and up-to-date varietal selection. Under the current ownership of Dave and Sheila de Boer the business has grown to include custom plant propagation. While Dave and Sheila continue to grow plants favoured by the avid gardener, they also have a thorough selection of drought tolerant plants suitable for the Okanagan climate.

 Our Flowers

annual_flower annual_flowerannual_flower
annual_flower annual_flowerannual_flower