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Annual Flowers

Our annuals are the highest quality garden performers selected from quality seeds and modern styles. They are planted in staggered crops to provide each retailer with a continuous supply of flowers at just the right bloom stage. With more than 250 varieties, we're confident you will find what you need. We produce our annuals in three main flat sizes, 1204 and 606, 4" containers.

annual flowers annual flowers

Vegetable & Herbs

Summerland Greenhouses carries a great selection of many vegetable garden favorites to give you or your customers a head start as opposed to planting from seed. Most of our vegetables are available to plant as soon as the frost season is over.
Cool crop Vegetables Choi's, Mustard Greens, Chards and much more.
Our nursery includes a rich variety of herbs to choose from.


Baskets & Basket Stuffers

We offer a selection of ready-made baskets to suit your needs. Feel free to make your own basket arrangements using our stock. We also have tomato varieties of hanging baskets for patios.


   Grape Propagation ----Custom Own Root Grape Propagation

Grapes Grapes
Grapes Grapes